Getting Started

It starts with this web page.

Explore and learn about Lock Your Meds. Read the MEDucation kit and download the Inventory Card. Play the TV and radio spots and run through the slide show. View all the materials that are available to you by going to Resources and Samples. We are available to you if you’d like to discuss ideas by telephone.

Once you understand the campaign, be sure to share it with your colleagues, staff, board of directors and supporters. It’s important to get buy-in. Brainstorm how you can latch onto our themes and messages while maintaining your own local identity. Ask us questions on how we can localize the materials for you. Make decisions on the materials you want to use and determine timelines for launch and implementation.

Finally, make contact with the media and solicit partnerships. We don’t want them to just play our PSAs. See if they are interested in running stories, covering the national launch during Red Ribbon Week® and providing website support for our cause. We will need media support to be successful.