Communication Gap

DIRECTIONS: Every generation has their slang, but the lingo today’s teenagers use could mean something dangerous if they are abusing prescription or over-the-counter (OTC) drugs. For example, you go “fishig” for salmon or trout, they go “phishing” for pharmaceuticals.

Words that sound innocent to your ears may have another meaning on the street. Read the “hints” and then see if you can guess the drug culture’s definition of these common words or expressions.

Source: White House Drug Policy Street Terms:

1. All Star
Best players lose in this sport.
Taking Multiple Drugs

2. Vikings
Minnesota fans don’t cheer these guys.

3. Trail Mix
Not the usual combination of fruit and nuts.
Various prescription drugs, usually served in a bag or bowl at pharm parties

4. Cotton
Little children use it for bunny tails. Big kids use it for fairy tales.

5. Kibbles & Bits
Excites both dogs and teens.

6. Jack
A friend you don’t want your teen to know.
A person who steals someone else’s drugs

7. Pancakes & Syrup
A sweet way to start your day and end it for them.
Combination of a sedative and codeine cough syrup

8. Babysit
Not a healthy way to earn money.
Guiding a friend through first drug experience

9. “V”
Flashing this Victory sign is a downer.

10. Legal Speed
Staying within the speed limit is impossible with this fuel.
Over-the-counter asthma drugs