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Your Site for Implementing Lock Your Meds

This is our special page for you to learn about our campaign and download resources so you can implement it locally.

The campaign is managed and produced by the National Family Partnership® and available at no charge to its NFP affiliates, all schools participating in the Red Ribbon Campaign®, health care professionals and other associations that may be interested in implementing the campaign locally. We provide electronic versions of localized materials at no charge and you may choose to pay for optional printing or duplication of materials. Materials are available today and you may adjust the timing of the release to fit your needs.

The target audience for Lock Your Meds is 20-80-year-old adults, with the primary focus on keeping prescription and over-the-counter pharmaceuticals away from drug abusers. Many adults may be unwitting suppliers and by making adults aware of the problem we can curb the abuse by others.

Please explore the rest of this page to see how you can take advantage of this campaign and make it your own. Just click on any of the links below located under Campaign Files.

Campaign Files