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Seniors in Palm Springs Receive Sound Advice

Palm Springs, California – Local senior adults joined members of the National Sheriffs’ Association (NSA), National Association of Triads (NATI) and National Family Partnership (NFP) at the Mizell Senior Center on Friday, September 10, for training on how to gain personal control of medications and the proper disposal of those medications.

Parents: Hialeah Students Abusing OTC Medications Are Not Alone. Lock Your Meds®

The dozen students at Hialeah Middle School who were hospitalized after taking over-the-counter (OTC) decongestants at school this week are part of an alarming and growing trend with our nation’s youth. Every day, more than 4,000 children and young adults begin experimenting with prescription and OTC drugs as a way to get high. In fact, these are the drugs of choice among children as young as 12. And, the sad news is, the age of such experimentation is beginning to drop.